Youth/School Programs

The Adventure Challenge

This exciting program is designed and delivered to bring students together for a day of adventure and fun. We will design the program that best suits your students which could include putting the focus on: students working together, ‘a get to know each other’ day, enhancing communication and cooperation, build trust, respect and support, basic leadership principles or just having fun.

There are many opportunities for students to challenge themselves and our philosophy of ‘challenge by choice’ applies to all activities. Activities which include our Brain Teasing Games, Low Ropes Course, Flying Fox and Leap of Faith offer a wide range of adrenalin rushes and confidence boosters to motivate students to stretch their comfort zones. All this combines to create a fun-filled, action-packed day.

The Leadership Adventure Challenge

With the increased focus on Leadership in society we offer a specialized leadership program which can be modified for all ages. Through a deliberation process students will highlight the most important qualities of leaders, which will then become the focus of the day during activity debriefs.

Through experiential training, students will be challenged by our Team Initiative and Problem Solving Activities which will specifically highlight the qualities chosen by them (these can include communication, building trust and support, respect and cooperation). There will be opportunities for participants to further stretch their comfort zone through group and personal challenges including our Low Ropes Course, Flying Fox and Leap of Faith.

At the end of the program all participants will take part in a group debrief to highlight and reinforce the leadership qualities which they can then take and apply in their community roles.

Silver Valley Adventure Challenge

This fantastic program takes place at our exclusive 85 acre property at Silver Valley, Byford and offers students a day of fun and adventure. We also create the program that best suits your students whether it is leadership, building trust and support, respect and cooperation, communication or just having fun.

Silver Valley offers a range of unique activities including our Dam Activities, Brain Teasing Games, Low Ropes Course, 400m Flying Fox and the Leap of Faith. Students will be encouraged to stretch their comfort zone although our philosophy of ‘challenge by choice’ applies to all activities. All this combined to create a fun filled, action packed day.

High Ropes Low Risk

At a height of 12 metres our unique High Ropes Course is located in the bushland at HBF Stadium. The course consists of a variety of challenging elements designed to stretch the comfort zone of participants. Trust, support, respect and communication levels grow through our thorough safety training which ensures that the program is low risk. Whilst some participants are off the ground their team mates are fully responsible for maintaining their safety systems under close supervision from our professional instructors.

This course creates a unique and safe environment which strengthens teams who take on the challenge.

Off Ground Challenge

Located at HBF Stadium, the Off Ground Challenge is a fun program for students of all ages. Throughout the day students are given the opportunity to challenge themselves to a variety of off ground activities including the Crate Climb, Flying Fox, Leap of Faith plus elements of our High Ropes Course being the Himalayan Bridge and the Cargo Net.

Leap of Faith (Pamper Pole)

Climb the 10m high telegraph pole, only to reach a small square platform with just enough room to place both feet. With knees wobbling you stand up, then jump off and catch hold of a trapeze bar a metre or so out in front of you. This activity is known as the ultimate personal challenge and designed for those wishing to step outside their comfort zone and challenge their own personal boundaries. As with all Teamworks activities this is a challenge by choice activity.

Himalayan Bridge

The Himalayan Bridge is a rope bridge which challenges participants as it wobbles as they climb up to the platform above. Participants are under the watchful eye of the instructor who will ensure their safety throughout the activity.

Crate Climb

A team challenge with a difference! Participants are given the challenge to build a tower with crates as high as they can. While harnessed, participants can climb as high as 8 metres, however this cannot be done alone. From planning to building, they will need to support each other and have great fun doing it.

School Holiday Program

Same old activities every School Holidays? Want a day of Fun and Outdoor Adventure? Round up your friends or come by yourself to our School Holiday Adventure Fun Day! Suitable for participants aged 9 to 14 years old. You can come and enjoy a range of team and personal challenges. Activities which could include our Brain Teasing Games, Low Ropes Course, Crate Climb, Flying Fox, Cargo Net, Climbing Wall and Leap of Faith, offer a wide range of adrenalin rushes and confidence boosters.

We have two venues in which our holiday programs are run, HBF Stadium, Mt Claremont or Silver Valley, Byford.

Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment.
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