High Ropes Low Risk

At a height of 12 metres our unique High Ropes Course is located in the bushland at HBF Stadium. The course consists of a variety of challenging elements designed to stretch the comfort zone of participants. Trust, support, respect and communication levels grow through our thorough safety training which ensures that the program is low risk. Whilst some participants are off the ground their team mates are fully responsible for maintaining their safety systems under close supervision from our professional instructors.

This course creates a unique and safe environment which strengthens teams who take on the challenge.

Leap of Faith Plus

Whether your team has been together for 10 days or 10 years nothing will help them bond more than watching each other standing on the top of a telegraph pole 12m high, building the courage to jump 2m to a trapeze bar. Utilizing our Off Ground Challenges (Leap of Faith, Cargo Net Climb and others) your team will spend the day encouraging each other to achieve personal challenges that most would shy away from. Participants will walk away having bonded through their shared experiences while also going through an almost spiritual journey by confronting their fears together.

Abseiling/Rock Climbing

Exposes people to an extreme level of perceived risk, and demands that they trust and communicate with others. Whilst the real risk level is kept very low by the use of the latest safety equipment and instructional techniques, it encourages people to embrace risks. People leave with greater self-confidence, expanded personal horizons, and with a feeling that, ‘…if I can do abseiling, I can do anything!

Discover Surfing

Be taught to ride a surfboard in a safe, encouraging environment suitable for all levels from grommet (novice) to pro. The shared experiences gained from surfing, packaged with our team building activities can be taken back to the workplace to connect and inspire your employees. An out of your comfort zone experience that is fun for all!!!!